Thank you, Tesco Nailsea customers and staff

The Nailsea Disability Initiative would like to express our gratitude for being invited to do a collection last week at the Nailsea Tesco store as part of Tesco’s supporting local communities program.

A massive thank you to the Nailsea stores community champions ambassador Hayley Watson for organising our week and setting it up.

Over the week we raised a fantastic £396.20 thanks to customers generosity which will go towards the ongoing costs of running the disability information and advice centre.

As well as allowing us to collect with our buckets and hand out leaflets at the store to fundraise, Hayley also facilitated for us to have access to Tesco’s maintenance department who came down and carried out some much-needed electrical lighting maintenance at the drop-in centre.

(Thank you, Brian!) 

Most importantly thank you to all the generous customers who stopped and made donations, thanked us for help we’d given them or a loved one in the past.

All the volunteers were particularly touched by the many children who without prompting dug into their precious pocket money purses and wallets and made donations.

I would like to also thank all the volunteers and trustees who gave their time last week to shake the buckets during our time at the store.

Tesco Fundraising Picture

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