Nailsea Disability Initiative is moving

As many of you will know we took the difficult decision at the beginning of April for the safety of our volunteers and clients to shut the NDI drop-in centre for what we thought would be a temporary period as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.
When the closure of the NDI the drop-in centre was clearly not going to be short-term we took the decision to hand in our notice on the premises because despite central government optimism we didn’t foresee this pandemic getting back to any kind of normality this side of Christmas which is how it has played out.
We don’t take the money we receive through fundraising, donations, and in particular from grants from key supporters such as Nailsea Town Council for granted. We foresaw us potentially just pouring money down the drain paying rent on a space we weren’t able to use because of the shutdown.
As a consequence, we still had money in the bank and the possibility of a future reboot somewhere else although at the time we did not know where.
When this decision was made to leave 10 Crown Glass Place I did fear the worst in terms of finding a new place to work from post-pandemic that was viable.
Fortunately, we were invited by the fantastic team @Number 65 High Street to move our services into the building purchased and refurbished by the Nailsea Town Council to be a community space for the many different groups and organisations that Nailsea has.
We had planned to start our services up again long before now however the second lockdown stopped that possibility so we are still in a holding pattern as to when we will be able to invite people to use our services again.
We are still available to assist where we can so if people can continue to get in touch via the NDI email address and the Facebook page we will endeavour to offer what help and assistance we can remotely.

I would like to thank Ian at Number 65 The High Street, Councillors Dee Houlbrook and Clare Hunt, and the council in general for their foresight in obtaining and developing number 65 as a community space that is available for organisations such as ourselves to use.
Finally, I would like to say as someone who has been shielding away in my bunker fairly uselessly, pay tribute to all those who have stepped up within the local community to organise and assist those in need via projects like the Nailsea Community Group and the many other groups, businesses and individuals helping out in these challenging times.
If nothing else good comes from this pandemic I think the way that people have stopped and thought about others and how we can help each other has been one positive we can hang onto and build upon going forward.

Best regards

Sean Kelly
NDI chairman

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