Blow away the cobwebs with a springtime stroll !!

Introducing the Rotary Round Walk ‘n’ Wheel

Nailsea now has a walk that almost everybody can enjoy – and the name says it all. This route is deliberately designed with wheelchair users, families with pram or push-chair, small bikes, scooters and those with some walking difficulties in mind. But it can be enjoyed by everyone. Joggers might appreciate its quietness and it can readily be shortened to suit you.

How has this come about? In 2012, the Nailsea and Backwell Rotary Club organised our first annual Nailsea Charity Walks. Our determination that everybody should be able to take part led us to make one of the routes wheelchair friendly. This route is the Nailsea 3 mile route, now the 5K.
“Why don’t we make a permanent walk available for everyone!” we thought and Rotary Round Walk ‘n’ Wheel was born.

We have received much praise for the quality of the information provided for the Nailsea Charity Walks. Similar detailed instructions and guidance notes and a map are available for the Rotary Round Walk ‘n’ Wheel. Signs will be placed on the route but that is a work-in-progress at present.

The Route is:

A gentle 4km (about 2½ miles) amble round Nailsea and Wraxall to enjoy on foot or by wheelchair

  • Hard surfaces
  • No obstacles
  • Dropped kerbs
  • No soft ground but, sorry, we cannot guarantee mud free!
  • Quiet footpaths – mainly off road and few road crossings
  • Delightful scenery – duck pond – woodland –  ancient quarry – views across and down the valley
  • about an hour on foot at a good walking pace, less in an electric scooter.

Route maps are available from our Drop-In advice centre 

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